Tips & Tricks: Reorganizing a Child’s Closet

Mini doll next to closet.
Tips & Tricks: Reorganizing a Child’s Closet
Tips & Tricks: Reorganizing a Child’s Closet
The Lori wardrobe is fun, trendy, and most certainly BIG! So it’s safe to say that we understand the importance of keeping clothes and closets neat ‘n’ tidy. We also understand that a kiddo’s closet in particular can get a little… messy… sometimes. But have no fear – our organizational tips and tricks are here!  
Discover 10 tips for reorganizing a child’s closet: 
1. Start with a blank slate! Empty the entire closet, sort through it, keep what is necessary, and donate what your kiddo no longer needs.
2. Use storage containers, bins, or baskets to categorize the things in your little one’s closet. And to make these things that much easier for kids to find, we strongly suggest labelling! 
Mini doll folding clothes.
3. Keep height in mind! Even though standard closets are sized for adults, it’s important that everyday things children use are reachable. 
4. Take hanging and folding a step further, especially if you’re working with a smaller closet. Use multi-tier hangers and roll up clothes instead of folding them to fit more into the space! 
Mini doll clothes and accessories on a bed.
5. Whether it’s a cube storage system or a shoe organizer, having a spot in the closet that’s dedicated to shoes will make them easier to find and will keep them in better condition.
6. Another way to store shoes or smaller items is by utilizing the door! You can hang an organizer on the inside of the door, on the outside, or even on both sides if you’ve got LOTS of lilaccessories!
7. No closet door? No problem! You can also use a pegboard and hooks to hang up accessories and small items.
8. If there are drawers in your child’s closet, we recommend using dividers for extra neatness. And if you choose colorful separators, it can add a dash of brightness to the closet!  
9. Siblings sharing the same closet? Our suggestion is to keep some of the things separate! That way, each sibling knows they have their own, special space.
10. Cleaning and organizing is one thing, but our final recommendation is this: make the closet fun and exciting for kids! Decorate it with patterned wallpaper, photographs, toys, and more.
Mini doll next to closet.
We hope these tips and tricks will help you get your child’s closet in tiptop shape! And if you’re looking for more organizational insights, head on over to our post about decluttering. 

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