Why Pets Are Great for Kids

Mini toy dogs and cats.
Why Pets Are Great for Kids
Why Pets Are Great for Kids
Whether it’s pretty pups, cute kittens, or gorgeous horses, we at Lori looooove our animal companions!
Lori dolls are always up for a walk in the park with their puppya rainy day in with their cat, or a horseback ride through the countryside. Playing with these toy animals – and spending time with their real-life counterparts – actually comes with a ton of benefits for kids! Being around a pet or learning about wild animals teaches children about responsibility, compassion, respect, and so much more.
Mini doll with cat.
We understand that welcoming someone new into the family is a big step that requires a fair bit of commitment. So to help you along the way, here are 10 reasons why having a pet pal can be great for kiddos:
Mini doll with dog.

  • Walking, feeding, grooming, and caring for a pet can help children learn about responsibility. 
  • Having a pet at home could make little ones feel safer and more comfortable. (Those closet monsters are no match for furry friends!) 
  • A dog, cat, bird, or even a fish can double as a mini buddy and offer kiddos companionship. 

  • Caring and playing with a pet creates an additional bond between siblings, parents and children, or the entire family! 
  • Although animals have their own ways of communicating, children can improve their communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal – as they interact with animals. 

  • Talking with (non-judgmental) pets also means that kids have a safe outlet when it comes to voicing any kind of issue or little secret. 
  • Having an active pet means that kids will stay active too! If you get a dog, for example, chances are that children will spend more time outdoors, running around and soaking in lots of Vitamin D.

Mini doll with dog.

  • Once kiddos spend a lot of time with their new pal and see them through their ups and downs, chances are they will learn about empathy and compassion. 
  • Getting a pet when they’re teeny-tiny and watching them grow can help children learn about the different stages of life. 
  • Whether it’s having a pet or seeing animals in the wild, learning more about them can help children develop respect for all living beings. 

Mini doll with horse.
If you still need a lil’ more convincing, we also suggest introducing kids to animal toys before saying ‘Yes!’ to the real deal. And our doll and pet sets or toy horses fit the bill! These types of toys can help children feel like a pet owner without the pressure of real responsibility. To make sure they learn about the animals and how to properly care for them, you can also become their play partner to keep them on the right track.
Pretend play with toy animals will not only spark their creativity and imagination, but it can prepare them for having a pet pal!
Just imagine all the love, affection, smiles, and giggles to come – wouldn’t it be paw-some?

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