Beach Day: Activities for Kids & Families

Doll at the beach.
Beach Day: Activities for Kids & Families
Beach Day: Activities for Kids & Families
Summer is the season for sun, sand, and fun activities! Don’t you agree? Going to the beach with my friends is one of my favorite things to do during these sunny times. Swimming all day, feeling the sand beneath my feet, reading a book with the sound of waves in the background… Simply wonderful
To make my beach days even more fun this year, I decided to bring along a couple of extra materials: an I Spy activity sheet and color pencils! As I relax in lounge chair, I will also look around to try and spot a series of objects you can usually find at the beach. Once I see one, I’ll simply color it in!
Want to do it with me? Just download this printable sheet below, grab your color pencils, and play. 
I Spy At the Beach
After you’ve spotted flip-flops, sun hats, popsicles and all of the other beach-themed objects on the sheet, give these beach activities a try:

  • Build the biggest sandcastle or dream up a different sandy structure! 
  • Grab your sports gear and play at the beach! Volleyball, badminton, or flying discs are always great options. 
  • Search for shells and create mini masterpieces in the sand with your findings.

Doll at the beach.

  • Pack a basket with yummy treats, find a scenic spot, and have a beach picnic! 
  • Fly a kite! With so much space and just the right amount of wind, the beach is a great place for this classic activity. 
  • Organize a group clean-up! Invite some friends, bring a couple of trash bags, and dispose of what doesn’t belong on a beach.

  • Find a big stick, draw a giant game of Tic-Tac-Toe in the sand, and play! 
  • Split up into teams, make sure everyone has a bucket and a cup, and see who can fill up their bucket the fastest by running to the water with their cup and back. 
  • Explore tide pools and the tiny critters that live within them – there’s so much to discover. 
  • Simply go for a walk along the shore, take in the scenery, and enjoy! 

Being out in the sun comes with tons of fun, but here’s my final tip: sunscreen, sunglasses and hats go a long way! 

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