Cute Activities: Valentine’s Day Crafts

Three dolls making heart crafts.
Cute Activities: Valentine's Day Crafts
Cute Activities: Valentine's Day Crafts
I have to be honest – I LOVE Valentine’s Day. The colors, flowers, cards, heart-shaped chocolates… everything! I <3 it so much that I also celebrate its buddy holiday, Galentine’s Day, by making DIY gifts for all of my friends and delivering each one personallyAh, friendship is in the air – can you feel it already? 

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s DayValentine’s Day, or you’re simply in the mood for some cute crafts, here are 3 projects to inspire you this year:

Friendship Accessory
I’m going all out for my gals on the 13th with thematic trinkets! I like to switch things up, so I’ll be making Galentine’s Day-inspired accessories that can be used as necklaces, bracelets, keychain decorations, or purse ornaments.
My supplies: 

  • Stringyarn, or thin chains 
  • Red, pink, and purple beads 
  • Craft foam sheets in Valentine’s Day colors 
  • Scissors 
  • Hole punch 

Doll making Valentines Day cards.
To make these accessories, I’ll firstly cut little hearts out of the craft foam and punch a hole at the top of each one. Then, I’ll thread the strings through the holes and add in the colorful beads. Finally, I’ll tie the strings at different levels so that they can be used for all sorts of accessorizing! 
Sweet Butterflies
I’ll also be making crafty treats for my friends who have a sweet tooth! Of course, there are tons of beautifully packaged sweets available for Valentine’s Day – but where’s the DIY fun in that?
Two dolls baking.
My supplies: 

  • Small red, pink, and white candy 
  • Clear snack bags 
  • Wooden clips 
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Red and/or pink paint 
  • Glue 

The first thing I’ll do is paint the clips and glue on two swirly pipe cleaners at the top to mimic a butterfly’s body and antennae. I’ll then fill the baggies halfway with candy and twist them in the middle to separate each bag into two equal halves. The final step: clip the baggies and voila – butterflies with candy wings! 
Compliments Jar
Seeing acts of kindness always warms my heart, and as someone who jots down notes all the time, I want to put kindness in writing this year! An honest compliment said out loud is wonderful, but writing it down in a note means that person can re-read it, keep it, and open it up when they need a little boost. And what’s better than one compliment? Many compliments! All written down and placed in a decorated jar.
My supplies: 

  • A big jar 
  • Red and pink paper for the notes 
  • Decorative strings or ribbons for the top of the jar 
  • Glitter, paint, stickers, or any other decorating materials 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 

Two dolls making Valentines day crafts.
My plan is to decorate the jar with a Valentine’s Day theme in mind and keep it at home, so that my family and I can fill it with personalized notes that we’ll all read when the holiday comes around.
What’s in your craft corner this sweet seasonShare your cute and colorful creations by tagging me @loridolls!

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