Fun Facts: 10 Interesting Facts About Horses

Mini dolls on toy horses.
Fun Facts: 10 Interesting Facts About Horses
Fun Facts: 10 Interesting Facts About Horses
If you ask me, horses and happiness go hand in hand! Spending time at the stables is one of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m out of the city. simply can’t see myself not wanting to ride, groom, and learn more about these beautiful animals! So in the spirit of education, I learned 10 fun facts about horses that I would love to share with you all.
1. Horses sleep lying down, but they can also do it standing up! They can snooze while they stand thanks to the stay apparatus – an anatomical system that works by locking a horse’s kneecaps.
2. These majestic animals have the biggest eyes of any land mammal. Not to mention, their eyes allow them to see in almost 360 degrees!
Mini doll grooming toy horse.
3. Horses use their ears, eyes, and nostrils to express their mood. Facial expressions are key when it comes to showing emotion – just like us! 
Mini doll feeding toy horse.
4. Horses are herbivores, which means that they stick to a plant-based diet. And hay is usually their favorite dish! 
5. Horses also have a bit of a sweet tooth! They’re not big fans of food that tastes sour or bitter. Instead, they happily go for sweet snacks such as bananas, strawberries, apples, carrots, or watermelon. 
6. Do you know how much water a horse usually drinks in a day? Twenty-five gallons at least! And even more when they live in a hotter climate. WOW!  
7. When measuring a horse, inches don’t come into play. These animals are actually measured in “hands” (about 4 inches)! For example, an average horse measures about 15 hands in height (approximately 5 feet).  
8. The earliest member of the horse family is called an Eohippus – an animal the size of a fox that dates back 55 million years! 
9. Horses have many names! 

  • Baby horse: foal 
  • Girl horse: filly 
  • Boy horse: colt 
  • Female horse: mare 
  • Male horse: stallion 

10. There are over 200 different horse breeds in the world! 
Mini dolls riding toy horses.
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