Heading Off to School: A Parent’s Perspective

Girl playing with dolls.
Heading Off to School: A Parent’s Perspective
Heading Off to School: A Parent’s Perspective
Starting school is often considered a milestone for children and parents alike! Nervousness does make a not-so-surprise appearance, but this big step is mostly filled with excitement, opportunities for making new friends, and a whole lot of learning. And who better to tell us about it all than those going through it at this very momentfamilies. 
Here is what the parents of our little Lori fans are feeling these days as they prepare to send their kids off to school – whether it’s a repeat experience or they’re doing it for the very first time. 

“As my little one starts school for the first time, the feeling of letting go is very hard. I feel proud, excited, sad, and happy all at once. Proud, because I know that she is going to do great on her own. Excited, because she is going to start a new adventure in life. Sad, because she won’t be home with me anymore, and happy that she will learn, experience, and enjoy life with others.”

Baochau @mila_xavi

Girl playing with dolls.
Girl playing with dolls.

“It really is a mix of emotions each time. As sad as it is to watch them grow up so quickly, it is also so rewarding. They are always excited to learn, grow and meet new friends! And that makes us so proud 🥰

Jenny @_rtime_

“I feel excited for a new adventure for the both of us, happy to see what an amazing person your child is growing up to be and all the possibilities that the world holds for them.”

Sarah @little_miss_zoe_kate

“Honestly, I have mixed emotions. I’m so sad because I realize they are getting SO big, but happy for them because I see how excited they are about going to school, and I love seeing them flourish 💗

Gemma @mamas_minions

“Excited that she gets to finally learn all the things she is itching to learn, but also a touch sad because the color and brightness that she brings to my day is now spent at school!”

Whitney @capturing_childhood

Girl playing with dolls.
Girl playing with dolls.

“Along with Riyanshi, I am so excited for the new school year! Last year, due to the pandemic, she couldn’t see her friends and teacher in person. But this year, she is very much excited to see everyone! I am also excited that she’s going to learn all kinds of awesome things. Her shyness will hopefully be gone as she makes new and long-lasting friendships. This is a natural part of growing up and so I have no fear! This is a new life experience and should be full of excitement. I know she will love it and manage it very well! 😊

Monalisa @connectdasriyanshi

“I feel nervous because, with the pandemic, my kids weren’t really able to socialize like they can and make friends as easily. Especially nervous for my son – he’s moving to middle school and doesn’t know anyone, so it’s very challenging!”

Courtney @quincyandskylar

“I’m happily excited whenever she goes to school and then comes home to share how her day at school went!”

Mariel @dailydoseofmartini

Girl playing with doll airport.
Girl with dolls.

“I felt sweet sorrow – so happy to see them growing and creating their own path with friends and relationships, and sad to not have them by me all the time.”

Windy @threegalankids

“I feel excited and nervous for her, wrapped up in my feelings as I let go of her hand. Hoping she is making friends and having fun. It is a mix of emotions!”

Cheyenne @familyfunplaytime

“When I see my kiddos go to school, I feel such a mixture of emotions. I’m so proud of them and excited for all the things they will learn and experience. I also get sad at just how quickly these years are flying by!”

Jenny @tyler.and.emma

“When my daughter goes to school, I am as happy as she is! She likes school and she can’t wait to graduate from 5th grade. I am proud of her and happy she can easily make friends. During the pandemic, she spent too much time in her room with no kid interactions, and now she can finally make friends!”

Monica @zuritapia2011

Girl and boy with dolls.
Girl playing with dolls.

“Every year on my child’s first day of school I always experience a mix of emotions. I feel anxious and sad, with tons of butterflies in my stomach, because she is out of my sight for five days a week, 6-7 hours a day. But then I remind myself that I am raising my child to make the right choices, to be kind and respectful, and to ask for help when she needs itI also feel excited and proud watching my child grow into an incredible little human!”

Farnoush @leah_safi_

What’s been going through your mind as you see the little ones in your family head off to school? Share your thoughts with us @loridolls! 

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