How to Thank Teachers at the End of the School Year

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How to Thank Teachers
How to Thank Teachers
With summer on the horizon and classes coming to a close, my friends and I put our heads together and came up with a few fun ways to thank those who guided us through school this past year: our teachers and educators! Learning stayed at the top of their list no matter what, and as students, we are SO thankful for that. 

Here are 5 creative ways to thank your teachers: 

Cute Cards
Writing is one of my favorite activities, so giving my teachers thank you cards is definitely something I plan on doing at the end of the school year. On top of writing messages, I will also use my craft supplies and decorate the cards to customize them for each teacher I want to thank. I will then bring them all with me on the last day of school and hand deliver each one!
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Special Scrapbook
Some of my friends are taking crafts to the next level by making school-themed scrapbooks. They’re gathering photographs, assignments, pieces of projects, and all sorts of itty-bitty memories that remind them of the good times they had in the past year. And they plan to write little messages next to each clipping, to show their teachers just how special those moments were!
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Tasty Treats
As someone with a bit of a sweet tooth, I often bake and experiment with new recipes. And one of the very best parts about baking is sharing what you makeSo another way to say thanks to teachers would be to bake a few sweet treats. I’ll just have to check for any possible allergies or dietary restrictions before I get creative in the kitchen!
Various Videos
If you’re learning remotely, you could also say thank you through a video! And there are two ways to go about it. You can either film your own message and send it to your teacher(s), or get the whole class involved and create a compilation. No matter what you choose, the end result is sure to put a smile on your teacher’s face!
School Supplies
Starting another school year often means new school supplies – which also means that older materials get left behind at times. So we decided that this was a great opportunity to gather the supplies we no longer use – but that are still in good shape – and donate them to our school. Anything to lend a helping hand to our teachers and classmates!
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Bursting with ideas? Tell us how you plan on thanking teac hers and educators by tagging us @loridolls! 

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