Sunny Fun: 7 Summer Activities

Doll on lounge chair outside.
Sunny Fun: 7 Summer Activities
Sunny Fun: 7 Summer Activities
The sunny season is upon us and that means one thing: whole lot of summer fun aheadThere are a ton of activities to choose from, so Lori’s friends teamed up to inspire you with their summer favorites. Meet the crew and read about what they looooove to do!

“Music is my passion, so I will try to do as many musical activities as I can this summer. My siblings and I play instruments and we have jam sessions every weekend. Plus, we’ll all be going to outdoor concerts and signing up for music camp together! I just can’t wait!” 


Doll DJing.
Mini doll.

“Every year, my friends and I go on a camping trip and I always make sure to bring my telescope. After we tell stories around the campfire and snack on yummy s’mores (so delicious!), I take out the telescope and we all take turns looking up at the stars. It’s so fun when we can make out constellations!” 


“I organize tea parties all year round, but my favorite ones are during the summer because I can host them outdoors. I set a table under the willow tree in my backyard, decorate it with flowers, serve all sorts of teas, and bake my favorite dessert – raspberry scones. YUM!” 


Two dolls having a tea party.
Doll reading a book outside.

“On warm and sunny days, I usually pack a picnic, grab a book, and go to the park with my pup. I read, eat, and soak in the sun aaaaall day long. But on rainy days, my go-to activity is usually chess. It’s fun and challenging all at the same time!” 


“My favorite activity might not come as a surprise… It’s horseback riding! I’ve been around horses since I was little, so grooming them and going for rides is something I do whenever I have the chance. And I am SO excited for this summer, because I’ll be spending it in the countryside – and near a lot of stables!” 


Equestrian doll.
Doll taking a photo.

“What I like most about summer is being outside and enjoying nature, so you can easily find me out of town and out on the trails almost every weekend. I try to pick different parks every time, so that each hike is unique. I end up coming across a ton of beautiful places and I always snap some photos along the way!” 

Anna Mae

“Summer means vacation, and to me, vacation means road trips! Luckily, my friends think the same and so we try to hit the road and discover new places all season long. From cities, to parks, to beaches, we’re ready to explore it all – in our stylish pink car!” 


Doll in car.
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