Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

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Mother’s Day Activity Ideas
Mother’s Day Activity Ideas
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re in need of a little inspiration to make this occasion as special as possible for the mom in your life, we can lend a helping hand.  
Whether you’re planning an early surprise, daytime activities, an evening of fun, or a full-day extra-mom-ganza, here are ideas for how to celebrate this sweet holiday: 

  • Breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day classic for a reason! Staying in the comfort of comfy sheets and enjoying yummy treats – what can be better?
  • If the mom in your family starts the day with a run or yoga, we recommend joining her on this morning to keep her company. 
  • Head out for a walk and some fresh air, then make a surprise pit-stop at her favorite coffee shop or breakfast spot.

Mini doll sitting in a toy coffee shop.

  • Schedule a flower delivery for the morning to surprise her with a beautiful bouquet at the start of the day!
  • A little self-care goes a long way! Prep kid-friendly face masks and enjoy a spa-like moment at home with the whole family. 

Mini doll setting up a picnic table.

  • Depending on what’s closer, we suggest packing some food and games for a day at the beach or a picnic at the park. 
  • If the mom in your family has recently expressed interest in a certain activity, take it a step further and book a class! From coding, to cooking, to crochet – the learning possibilities are endless.
  • To put a historical or artistic spin on Mother’s Day, we recommend visiting a local museum or art gallery. 

  • If she’s a fan of sports, then get family members or friends together and celebrate the day with a mini tournament. Football, soccer, baseball, you name it! 
  • Don’t simply give her a gift for Mother’s Day – hide it in the house and organize a treasure hunt! Place a few clues for her to find, which will then lead to the gift.


  • Take the mom in your family on a culinary adventure! Pick three of her favorite restaurants and head to one for an appetizer, to another for the main meal, and to a third one for dessert. 
  • If your family is a fan of the outdoors, then transform your backyard into a mini campground – complete with a lil’ campfire and s’mores. 

Mini camper doll with accessories.

  • Bring out her inner gamer and spend the evening playing games at your local arcade!
  • Who says pillow or blanket forts are only for kids? Build one for her or do it as a family, then crawl in to read or play board games. 
  • Settle in for a movie marathon of her favorite films (accompanied by delicious snacks, of course!). 

Which activities would you pick for Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments! 

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