The Lori Treasure Hunt

Title: The Lori Treasure Hunt
Title: The Lori Treasure Hunt
Bunnies, chocolates, colorful eggs, and tons of Easter fun is coming our way – and we want to celebrate it Lori-style, by putting a fashionable twist on a classic game! If you have a little doll fan in the family, this one’s for them.
Two dolls with Easter egg baskets.
The concept of the egg hunt is a familiar one for those who mark Easter every year. Egg-shaped chocolates in colorful wrappers get hidden in houses and backyards for kiddos to find. But what about switching it up this year? What if Lori dolls joined in on the fun? 

Here is our guide to planning a Lori-themed Easter treasure hunt: 

The first step is deciding what you want to hide. Is it a combination of treats and doll-tastic treasures? A mix of a child’s favorite dolls and new Lori friendsOr an all-new Lori hunt? The choice is yours!

  • To make Lori the star of the show, hide a doll in a slightly-tough-to-find spot and leave lil’ clues for kids to find.
  • If you want to keep chocolates as the main prize, then hide the clues with kiddo’s existing Lori favorites.
  • For a no-clue Lori treasure hunt, simply hide small chocolate eggs together with the dolls around the house and backyard.

Toy cupcakes with bunny toppers.

  • Or go for a Lori extravaganza and switch out the chocolatey treats entirely for dolls!

Whether you’re hiding treatsdolls, or both, a little mystery always adds excitement to the experience! Before hiding the treasures, we suggest creating clues that will lead children to each mini-gift or an ultimate prize. If the participating child is very young, then you could go with straightforward clues such as “Look in the red bin!” or “Go out the front door.” If they’re a bit older, you can tease their brains a lil’ by writing fun riddles for them to solve. 
Once you have the hiding spots and clues ready to go, it’s time to bring the game to life – and there are a few ways to go about it! To fully dive into the theme, you can cut out heart-shaped cards and use them for clues. You can hide existing dolls holding colorful ‘egg shells’ with the clues inside. Or to make things easy-peasy for children, you can place the gifts all around the house and attach balloons to them so that the clues stay visible. Then put the treasures in their respective spots on the big day and let children have tons of Easter fun!
Doll with Easter egg basket.
BONUS: Want to take things further? Organize additional Lori games! If many kids are celebrating, go for a doll or accessory raffle. Then keep kids active and spark some friendly competition with a silly race – have two kids hold on to the same doll and race against other pairs. Or set up tea party with yummy treats for the child in your family and all of their Lori friends!
No matter how you choose to play and celebrate, we all wish you a happy and safe Easter!

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