Women’s History Month: Celebrating 6 Inspiring Women

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Women’s History Month: Celebrating 6 Inspiring Women
Women’s History Month: Celebrating 6 Inspiring Women
My friends and I have been up to something special these past few weeks… We spent them celebrating Women’s History Month! To mark the occasion, we read books by female writers, cheered on talented athleteschatted about articles that featured female scientists, watched beautiful performances by dancers, and much more. We dived deep into historylooked at the women who are making history todayand we are feeling incredibly inspired! So much so, that I can’t help but share the fascinating facts we discovered with you all. 

Here are the women who inspire me every day: 

Dance: Misty Copeland
I have been going to ballet class for as long as I can remember and my love for this elegant dance form only grows every yearAnd one of the reasons I continue to pirouette is none other than Misty Copeland – a ballet superstar who was the first African-American woman to become a Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theater. Her passion, grace, and talent always encourage me to keep on dancing!
Mini doll with tutu thinking of Misty Copeland.
Mini doll with laptop thinking of Katie Bouman.
Science: Katie Bouman
We often heard of the mysterious black holes, places in space where gravity is so strong that nothing around it can escape – not even light! We also thought that black holes were invisible… until Katie Bouman showed us one! In 2019, this young engineer and computer scientist helped develop an algorithm that made it possible to capture the very first image of a black hole. WOW!
Horseback Riding: Charlotte Dujardin
Whether it’s riding horses, grooming them, or feeding them, making sure these gorgeous animals stay happy and healthy is something I love to do. So, it’s no wonder that the equestrian world piqued my interest. Which is why I decided to learn more about Charlotte Dujardin, an Olympic medalist, and the most successful dressage rider in the entire history of the sport!
Mini doll with horse thinking about Charlotte Dujardin.
Mini doll with book thinking about Jane Austen.
Literature: Jane Austen
There are two things I rarely leave my house without – my journal and a booktend to write wherever I go and read the novels my friends and I pick for our book club! This month, we travelled in time and explored the 18th and 19th century worlds created by Jane Austen. I must admit, my favorite part was discovering a ton of new words! Did you know that a quadrille is a square dance… and a card game?!
Sport: Naomi Osaka
always try to find new ways to stay active and, this year, I decided to give tennis a go. Learning how to serve, hit, and play is no easy feat, so I started watching professional competitions to learn from the best. One particular tennis champion stood out to me: Naomi Osaka. This 23-year-old athlete was ranked #1 by the Women’s Tennis Association, won four Grand Slam tournamentsand has the most amazing forehand!
Mini doll playing tennis and thinking about Naomi Osaka.
Mini dolls in front of blackboard with Ada Lovelace written on it.
Technology: Ada Lovelace
On top of tennis, I also tried my hand at coding recently! As I was going from tutorial to tutorial, I stumbled on an article about Ada Lovelace – a 19th century mathematician who is known as the first ever computer programmer. She helped inventor Charles Babbage improve his Analytical Engine (aka computer!) by writing the world’s first algorithm! How amazing!
What wonderful women inspire you? Share your thoughts by tagging me @loridolls! 

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