The Many Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Mini doll reading a book.
The Many Benefits of Playing with Dolls
The Many Benefits of Playing with Dolls
The school season is well under way and, in the spirit of learning, we wanted to share a few reasons why playing with Lori and her friends can be simply doll-tastic for the little ones in your family. Doll play can improve a child’s communication skills, it can help them develop empathy, it can teach them about the importance of care, and so much more! So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why playing with dolls is the way to go:
Creativity: When children play with dolls, they dream up a ton of fun stories and scenarios – all of which spark their creativity! Diving into pretend play with dolls is sure to fuel any kid’s imagination. 
Social skills: Whether a child forms friendships between the dolls they’re playing with or their favorite doll becomes their own mini bestie, they’re sure to develop social skills along the way. 
Mini dolls at snack cart.
Real-life situationsDoll play often mirrors real life and, in turn, provides great learning opportunities! If a kiddo is nervous about going to the doctor’sfor example, then reenacting that experience with dolls beforehand can be quite calming. 
Mini ballerina dolls.
Language: No matter the stories children come up with as they play with dolls, they’ll constantly be improving their language skills and expanding their vocabulary during playtime! 
Emotion: Speaking for or with dolls can also help little ones express their emotions, all in the comfort of your home. Exploring emotions in a safer space can then help kids express themselves in better ways with siblings, friends, classmates, and others! 
Empathy: Join in on the fun and help children develop compassion by suggesting scenarios that encourage empathy. Pretend that a doll is not having the greatest day because her furry friend feels a bit sick, then guide kiddos to an appropriate response! 
Care: Together with empathy, dolls can also teach kids to care! Let’s use the same example as above. If a doll’s pet is unwell, the next step after feeling sad for them is to lend a helping hand by “taking” the pet to see a vet! 
Responsibility: Caring for a doll – especially a baby doll – can also promote responsibility! As kids take their doll out for a stroll, feed them, or tuck them in for a good night’s make-believe sleep, they’ll learn to be responsible for someone else.  
Independence: Playing with a sibling, a bestie, or a grown-up comes with a ton of fun, but solo doll play is just as great! Making decisions and coming up with stories on their own could help children become more independent as they grow older. 
Fine motor skills: Last but not least – motor skills! Holding the dolls, moving them around, changing their outfits, and playing with a whole lot of accessories can definitely develop a child’s dexterity. 
Mini dolls.
Take Lori and her crew with you on any adventure and keep in mind that these stylish dolls carry secret superpower with them wherever they go – they help little ones learn and grow! 

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