Countryside Fun: 3 Equestrian Play Ideas

Mini doll riding a horse in the mountains.
Countryside Fun: 3 Equestrian Play Ideas
Countryside Fun: 3 Equestrian Play Ideas
For the second installment of our play ideas series, the Lori crew is traveling to the countryside to celebrate the holidays! Think wide open spaces, lush fields, little villages, galloping sounds, and a whole lot of equestrian fun.
Here are 3 dramatic play ideas to try out this season: 
Philippa heads out for a snowy ride
Philippa loooooves the magic of wintertime! Riding horse as fluffy snowflakes fall all around her is one of her favorite seasonal activities. So she prepared for the ride and set off on a snowy adventure. But after a while, Philippa realized she was a bit lost – and the fresh snow covered the tracks! How will she find her way back to the stables? 
Mini dolls with horse and trailer.
Not only can this play idea teach little ones about seasons and how they change, but it can also improve their problem-solving skills as they come up with ways to help Philippa find her way back. 
Mini doll and toy horse.
Marjorie grooms Maple
“If I try to look and feel my best for the holidays, why shouldn’t Maple?” thought Marjorie as she was grooming her best horse friend. After horseback riding, Marjorie always brushes Maple’s mane and tail, and feeds him yummy snacks (apples are his favorite!). During this time of year, she’s also thinking of finding a festive accessory for Maple to wear! 
Pretend washing, grooming, or feeding a toy horse can introduce children to the importance of caring for animals, while accessorizing can encourage them to get crafty and creative!  
The Lori crew takes part in a competition
Nothing like a lil’ competition to sprinkle excitement into the holidays! This season, Lori and her friends are entering a horse-riding competition where the winner gets to pick a charity that’ll receive a big clothing donation. Everyone trained, prepared, and they’re all ready to compete! 
Mini dolls on horses.
During a time when gifts are on children’s minds, it can be good to remind them that giving is just as important. But this play idea can also introduce concepts such as motivation, determination, and the fun of participating as opposed to the goal of winning! 
Featured toys:
More dramatic play ideas are coming your way next week! Keep an eye out to stay inspired this season. 

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