Doll Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Travel

Doll and accessories popping out of box.
Doll Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Travel
Doll Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Travel
For little ones, the holiday season is often about fun, magic, wonder, and storytelling. So, what if we told you there was a way to combine all of those things into one single activity? The answer is simple: Lori! Playing with dolls lets kids dive into pretend play, use their imagination, bring stories to life, and learn a whole lot along the way.  

This year, we want to sprinkle some inspiration into your holidays with weekly dramatic play ideas featuring our Lori favorites. And we’re starting with (cue drumroll) … the theme of travel!   

Here are 3 dramatic play ideas to try out this season: 
Leighton and Farah decide on a destination
Best friends Leighton and Farah have been wanting to go on a trip together, but there’s one little issue – they don’t know where to travel yet! So, they rolled out a big map and explored it through and throughLeighton was more drawn to southern destinations, where it’s sunny and warm. While Farah liked the coziness that came with snowy places! How will they make a decision? Where will they go? 
Doll with travel accessories.
That’s up to you to decide! Guiding kiddos through this storyline will not only expand their vocabulary and improve their social skills, but it can introduce them to geography and teach them about compromise. 
Ariah flies for the first time
Ariah booked her flight to Paris and she is SO excited to travel! She can’t wait to visit the city’s museums, eat delicious pastries, and get to the top of the Eiffel tower. She also can’t wait to fly, as this will be her very first time in a plane!  
Dolls at airport.
If you and your family are traveling for the holidays, then this play idea is great for teaching children about the airport experience. Help Ariah get her boarding pass and hand over her luggage. Then go through the security gates and walk around the departure hall. Finally, get ready to board the plane and jet off on an adventure! 
Lori and her friends travel to space
The Lori crew is all geared up for space travel! The Luxury Jet is prepped, Lori and her friends are sitting comfortably in their seats, and everything is ready for take-off. 3…2…1…GOOOOO 
As the dolls cruise through the galaxy in this imaginative play idea, you can take thtime to teach kids about the solar system in a fun way. Is that Mars you’re flying by? Or Jupiter? And if you want to take this in a more creative direction, then encourage little ones to dream up their very own Lori-tastic galaxy! 
Dolls in airplane.
Featured toys:
Keep an eye out for more dramatic play ideas next week! Clue: they’ll make little horse lovers very happy. 

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