Cozy Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Celebrating at Home

Doll stockings on fireplace.
Cozy Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Celebrating at Home
Cozy Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Celebrating at Home
You don’t need to go far for holiday fun! We at Lori believe that some of the best celebrations happen right at home. There’s just something SO cozy about eating yummy meal with friends and family, playing board games together, or getting comfy on the couch for a festive movie night. So in the spirit of coziness, we want to share some fun and educational play ideas about celebrating at home! 
Here are 3 dramatic play ideas to try out around the holidays: 
Cornelia cooks a festive feast
Cornelia’s best friends Anna Mae and Aviana are coming over for dinner and she is SO excited to cook up a delicious feast! She’s planning on making a yummy appetizer, a comforting main dish, and a sweet dessert to top it all off. Her pots are out and her apron is on – it’s time to start cooking! 
Mini dolls having dinner.
This is a great opportunity to let kids dream up a meal, get to know holiday traditions, and learn about food and nutrition along the way. And if you want to take it a step further and encourage generosity, you can also add in a story about Cornelia putting some of her pantry items aside for a food bank donation! 
Mini dolls exchanging gifts.
Ariah organizes a secret gift exchange
Sometimes it’s a lil’ hard to get gifts for many, so Ariah decided to organize a secret gift exchange with friendsEveryone put piece of paper with their name on it in a bowl and then took turns pulling one out to determine who they’ll be getting a gift for. The secret gifters will be revealed around the holidays! 
The concept of a secret gift exchange introduces kiddos to a fun and exciting way to give gifts around the holidays – but that’s not all. These types of exchanges can double as a valuable lesson that shows the contrast between a person getting more gifts in a group than others vs. a fairer situation where everyone gets a little something special! 
Dafina decorates her home
Dafina loves getting into the holiday spirit – and her favorite way to do so is through decorations! Crafting is one of her favorite activities, so this season, she made a wreath for her front door, hung up a DIY garland, painted ornaments, and even knitted a stocking!  
Mini doll with dog.
This play idea can inspire little ones to get creative and lend a helping hand with holiday decorations. Crafting colorful trinkets together is a fun family activity that’ll not only result in additional ways to spruce up your home, but will create more opportunities for parent-child bonding. 
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What’s coming up next week? You guessed it: MORE dramatic play ideas! Keep an eye out for tons of doll fun. 

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