Holiday Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Celebrating in the City

Mini dolls at skating rink.
Holiday Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Celebrating in the City
Holiday Fun: 3 Dramatic Play Ideas About Celebrating in the City
We often associate the holidays with staying in the coziness of our homes – but Lori and her friends love to celebrate in the city, too! There’s just something so magical about walking around town, seeing tall trees linthe streets, marveling at the twinkly lights, and listening to the festive music It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all! 
In the spirit of outdoor exploration, here are 3 dramatic play ideas about celebrating in the city: 
Caroling with friends
Emmelina has a yearly tradition – during the holidays, she always gets together with Ilyssa and Lilith to go around her neighborhood and sing carols! She’s been singing since she was little and loves seeing people smile while she and her besties perform holiday favoritesJingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Yay! 
Mini dolls carolling.
Not only can this play idea add a musical touch to playtime, but it can encourage kiddos to sing if that’s something they enjoy – or even have a talent for! If that’s the case, you can continue supporting their interest and nurturing their talent by finding more ways to practice and sharpen it. 
Mini ballet doll with holiday tree.
Watching The Nutcracker ballet
This is Adrienne’s first time seeing a real ballet! She’s been practicing her pliés and pirouettes in class, but she has yet to see a professional production. So for the holidays, her family is taking her to a classic – The Nutcracker. She dressed up in her shiniest outfit and she’s ready for the theatre! 
If you’ve got a little ballerina or dancer in the family, this is a great play idea to try out this season. And if you’re familiar with the story of The Nutcracker, you can grab some pillows and blankets, then settle in for story time right after! 
Skating & sweet treats
The local rink just opened… And you know what that means! Lori and her friends dusted off their skates, put on cozy coats, and headed out to twirl on the ice. But after a couple of hours, everyone felt a bit chilly and got some hot chocolate (and sweets, of course) at the café! 
Mini dolls ice skating.
This play idea could double as a fun introduction to winter sports! Whether it’s kid-friendly ice skating, hockey, skiing, or something else, these kinds of play ideas could spark a child’s interest in sports and encourage them to stay active throughout the season (and beyond!). 
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One more round of holiday play ideas is coming your way! Stay tuned for more doll-tastic fun next week. 

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