Driving Fun: Hit the Road with 3 Dramatic Play Ideas

Two mini dolls in a car.
Driving Fun: Hit the Road with 3 Dramatic Play Ideas
Driving Fun: Hit the Road with 3 Dramatic Play Ideas
Holiday hosts don’t need to go far for festive celebrations, but all of those invited do! And even though the destination is exciting, the journey can be just as fun – especially if you’re traveling in one of the Lori vehicles! So, hit the road and ride into fun with 3 dramatic play ideas this season. 
Leighton drives to the party
Leighton just picked up Ilyssa in her brand-new convertible car and they’re off to a holiday celebration with friendsBut as she drives through town, Leighton starts to notice that they’re going in circles… Oh no! They’re lost! Can you help Leighton and Ilyssa find their way to the party?  
Two mini dolls in a car.
This open-ended play idea can help kids problem-solve – and it can teach them about the importance of teamwork! As you play, ask children questions such as “What should Leighton do?” or “What can help them find the right road?” and guide them as they answer. 
Mini dolls in a camper.
Heather goes glamping
This holiday season, Heather and her friends decided to celebrate by going glamping! They stocked up on yummy snacks, connected their camper to the car, and hit the open road. They can’t wait to cozy up and read, cook up delicious meals, and gaze at the starry winter sky. Maybe they’ll even see a shooting star! 
This play idea is great for encouraging a sense of discovery! Reenacting a story about camping or glamping is an opportunity to talk about exploration, nature, and geography as wellIt can even prepare little ones for their first camping trip if there’s one in the works! 
Scarlette rides through the city
While most dog owners choose to go on long walks, Scarlette loves to go for scooter rides with her furry friend! Her pretty pink scooter even has a special spot for the puppy, so that he can travel comfortablyBut Scarlette never hops on her scooter without putting on a helmet – safety first, always! 
Mini doll and dog on scooter.
If the little one in your family is getting ready for their first bike ride, then you can use this play idea to teach them about how to ride safely. Not to mention, taking about bicycles and scooters can be the start of learning about all kinds of different vehicles! 
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